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September 18, 2020

By October 5, 20202020 Speakers

Sharon Walker of Vaughan Emergency Planning made a presentation on COVID 19: Innovations and Lessons Learned.

Sharon provided an overview of innovations and process improvements in operations and service delivery that resulted from COVID’s impact on the public service. The results were process improvements, financial efficiencies, productivity gains, improvements in customer satisfaction, enhanced service outcomes, partnerships, safety and employee morale.

There was a shift to e-services, many programs were delivered thru curbside programs. There were a number of innovations at the EOC and many systems upgrades at the City.

Ryan Wheeler on behalf of Trans Northern Trans-Northern Pipeline made a presentation on the 2019 Bleasdell Exercise.

Ryan did a presentation on the Bleasdell Exercise, a full scale emergency response exercise on Oct. 8 & 9, 2019 in Quinte West Ontario. The scenario was a pipeline rupture and discharge into the Trent River near the Trenton’s drinking water intakes. The objectives were to validate using ICS, communication, field protocols and procedures with Quinte West and other stakeholders; establishing a Unified Command, Joint Information Centre and Science Table; source water protection; and testing software.

The Exercise Learnings Strengths were:

  • The TRG IAP software was a good communication tool.
  • Support from TNPI shareholders Shell and IOL.
  • Collaboration and teamwork from participants.

Sat Anand of Anco Chemicals Inc. made a presentation on Security Awareness and Security Plan for Railway Loaders under Transport Canada.

Sat presented a security awareness and a security plan for Railway Loaders, Anco has under Transport Canada.

  • A railway security plan includes:
  • Goals & objectives.
  • Prevention, mitigation, response and recovery from security concerns.
  • A security policy.
  • Staff training for security awareness and security plan.
  • Dealing with risks from suspicious persons, behavior and objects.
  • Gate locking, signage, fencing, cameras and alarms.
  • Security checks & visitor sign in.
  • Procedures for opening & closing, emergencies and onsite response.
  • Back up records.
  • Security Plan risk assessment.

Sat also mentioned about CN Tariff 9000. A company can be fined by CN for any safety violation near a railway track in the facility; track maintenance; and or any equipment in operation near the track.