Toronto North CAER Charter

The Toronto North CAER Association commits to the following vision:

  1. Every member company is prepared to respond to emergency situations.
  2. Increased public awareness of emergency response procedures, capabilities and services involved in handling potentially hazardous materials and products within our community.

Toronto North CAER Objectives

  1. Ensure each member company has an up to date and tested Site Emergency Plan which is available to First Responders in an emergency.
  2. Make sure all member company employees are trained to know the emergency procedures for the potentially hazardous materials used and/or handled.
  3. Co-ordinate and organize emergency simulations.
  4. Encourage members assist each other to complete internal safety assessments.
  5. Communicate and educate our community about CAER initiatives.
  6. Offer and encourage membership to all companies and emergency response agencies involved in the handling of potentially hazardous materials and products within the community.
  7. Review and exchange ideas with other CAER groups on their activities to maximize learning.

Toronto North CAER Sub Groups Mandate

1. Membership and Community Awareness Group:

  • To recruit and review membership.
  • To develop membership criteria and fee structures.
  • Prepare and distribute a Membership Information Letter.
  • To promote the group within the government and industry base.
  • To promote the group in the community.
  • To establish links to other CAER type organizations within the community.
  • To work with other neighbouring CAER Groups on joint activities.
  • Determine Target Audiences.
  • Contact Area Schools.
  • To communicate to our audiences actions of the CAER Group.

2. Emergency Response Group:

  • To establish the structure and needs of the emergency responders when responding to an E/R incident.
  • To encourage emergency responders to attend CAER meetings
  • To plan and undertake Emergency Exercises (table-top to full scale)
  • To communicate the actions of the CAER Group to our audiences
  • To take advantage of shared Emergency Response training opportunities

3. Website Group:

  • To maintain an up to date website.
  • To discuss different options to make it user friendly.

4. Treasurer:

  • To send an annual invoice to active members for annual fees and follow up on unpaid invoices.
  • To maintain records and arrange for payment of CAER related expenses.

5. Health and Safety Group:

  • To share best practices in Environment, Health and Safety.
  • Communicate new environment, health and safety legislation and regulations to CAER members.

Upcoming Meetings

February 21st, 2024

Virtual Meeting