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November 13, 2019

By November 13, 2019January 13th, 20202019 Speakers

Jennifer Threndyle from WSPS made a presentation on Violence and Harassment. She defined workplace violence and workplace harassment. She outlined the need to prepare policies to prevent violence and harassment including:

  • Developing and maintaining programs to implement the policies.
  • Assessing the risks of workplace violence based on the nature of the workplace and type of work.
  • Developing measures and procedures to control the risks.
  • Taking reasonable precautions to protect workers who are at risk of physical injury.
  • Alerting certain workers to the risk of workplace violence from persons with a history of violent behaviour.

The WSPS is able to complete a Workplace Violence Risk Assessment specific to a workplace, assist in developing a program and present an awareness session. At the end of the presentation, Jennifer mentioned various online resources such as the WSPS Workplace Violence & Harassment Toolbox; MLTSD Resources and the Excellent Program which replaces all other Health & Safety Rebate programs.