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October 26th, 2022

By October 26, 2022September 26th, 20232022 Speakers

Yasir Khan of York Regional Police made a presentation call “Run-Hide-Defend”.

Yasir said that if there are active attackers the usual sequence by priority is to run, hide and defend if necessary. If the attacker is outside the building, you should get staff to secure exterior doors. If the attacker is inside, Code Silver protocols should include lockdowns, locking doors, turning off lights and turning off speakers and vibrators on cell phones. Staff need to know where to run including where the exits and stairs are. They need to call 911. If they need to defend, they will need to improvise defending tools.

  • Run tactics include: assisting others, leave personal items, facility awareness, evacuation locations, and letting employees now what to do.
  • Hide tactics include: hide if you can’t run, where to hide, securing windows & doors, and looking for cover.
  • Defend tactics include: defending as last resort, working as a team, identifying potential defensive tools and knowing your skills and ability.
  • Situational awareness is needed for staff. Notifications could be made by building PA, office PA, portable radios, email or calls.
  • Pre-indicators of an active shooter could be leakage such as someone who says they are going to burn down a building or shoot everyone. Other stressors could be mental health or financial strain.

Meeta Khanna, Energy Healer made a presentation on “Meditation for Peace”.

Meeta Khanna said there are 12 energy centres or chakras. The physical body has a conscience of its own. Meditation is to cleanse chakras. Meeta then lead the group for a 20-minute energy healing yoga session.