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2023 Speakers

October 11, 2023

By 2023 Speakers

Chris Wells of Transport Canada made a presentation called “TDG Regulations Update – Amendments in Progress

Chris talked about upcoming changes to the TDG regulations. The training requirements in Part 6 are to be clarified to improve overall safety. Fees will be modernized. Progress has included the formation of a General Policy Advisory Council, webinar & consultation period (completed). Next steps include reviewing the proposal based on CGI comments, preparing digital consultations & developing guidance materials & awareness activities. The fees will only apply for initial and renewal applications. Cost payable every 5 years. On-line portal for submission and payment.

The International Harmonization Update of Part 12 for Air is proposed to modernize TDG domestic requirements by air to align with international codes. Consultations, support and consultation has already occurred. Next steps are reviewing proposal based on CGI comments and going in the Canada Gazette in early spring 2025.

Issues and gaps in Means of Containment in Part 5 are being internally consulted. Next steps include pre-consultation with industry in late spring 2024.

Consultations and amendments are found at


Katy Joncas, Monica Blaney & Rakesh Virahsawmy of Transport Canada made a presentation called “TDG – On-Line Client Identification Database

Katy talked about Part 17, Site Registration Requirements for the On-Line Client Identification Database. The progress to date is: legislative amendment was tabled in the fall of 2022; digital solution is close to completion; pilot testing continues; CGI in June 2022 followed by a 70-day consultation period; general support from stakeholders was received in fall of 2022; and regulatory package completed & approved. The next steps are finalizing awareness material for implementation; completing the digital platform; and CGII in fall of 2023.

The proposed changes are to repeal the extended information requirements. Modifications include: the reporting data based on previous fiscal year (rather than year); renewal date changed to within 30 days of anniversary date (previously anniversary date); update administrative information within 60 days of the change (previously 30 days); and 2 contacts per business (rather than per site). Modify Site definition and provide more guidance documents; and requires that all persons re registered prior to beginning the DG activities including a 12-month transition period.

For more information on the TDG Client Identification Database email

Monica introduced Rakesh Virahsawmy from TC who is working on CID implementation including a portal & support. The portal should be able to pull business info from the CRA. Monica added that this should mean less imputing data such as addresses & legal descriptions.

May 10th, 2023

By 2023 Speakers

Munir Maani from IBM made a presentation called “Cloud Computing & Quantum Computing”.

Munir talked about cloud-based services that go well beyond storage including sharing applications with customers, providing middleware or other services. To access cloud-based services, the user needs an operating system, middleware, servers, storage, network connection and back up storage for disaster recovery. The cloud can provide most of these services. It can provide infrastructure as a service.

You can utilize services and infrastructure of the cloud provider by renting runtime, middleware, OIS, virtualization, servers, storage and networking. Renting these services provides scalability to upsize or downsize as the company size and number of customers changes. Expansion costs such as new equipment, middleware, servers, hardware and networking, etc. is done by renting rather than purchasing. You can also expand into new territories by renting cloud services.

Security is enhanced with multiple layers of security reducing the vulnerability to ransomware, theft, outages and their associated costs. In terms of power outages, you can still operate during outages from another powered area where you can deal with disaster recovery. There are budgeting advantages allowing pay as you use, elasticity, reconciliation and forecasting. Tools allow you to track the services being used.

The future is Quantum Computing where super computers which are 5,000 times faster than existing computers. You can interact with a quantum computer without having one. At the moment, these types of computers can easily to hacked. Programmers are working on better security for these super computers.

February 1st, 2023

By 2023 Speakers

Gauravi Saini of Reclay Steward Edge Inc. made a presentation called “Introduction to Sustainability”.

Gauravi defined Sustainability as “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” She provided several examples of company sustainability such as being energy renewable, recycling packaging materials, using recycled packaging and reducing carbon emissions all by selected dates.

She talked about sustainability in the supply chain, including providing transparency.

Supply Chain Sustainability should be based on the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles (non-financial variables) including:

  • Minimizing the impact of people & the planet, energy savings and reduction of pollutants.
  • Reviewing working conditions, relationships with clients & suppliers and human resource management.
  • Looking at the appointment & renumeration of executives and having respect for shareholders.

COVID-19 was a key disrupter in supply-demand activities. Supply Chain Management is not inventory management or cost cutting. It is redesigning for efficiency, cutting carbon emissions and increasing resilience. Companies should introduce sustainability by:

  • Starting small by educating staff about trends and tools.
  • Learning what the big players are doing.
  • Looking at consumption of energy, fuel & water.
  • Starting the sustainability conversation with first-tier suppliers.
  • Measuring your carbon footprint.